Langhammer Palletizing Equipment

Langhammer Layer Palletizer PA 08

The Langhammer Layer Palletizer PA 08 can handle a variety of different products, such as cartons, cases, trays, crates but also bundles. Due to the modular building block design, our Layer Palletizer can be adapted to a large number of palletizing solutions. Because the format change is done automatically, no additional outside support for new layer configuration is necessary.

Langhammer Layer Palletizer PA 15

The Langhammer Layer Palletizer PA 15 offers flexible motion sequences and a gentle and careful handling of sensitive products. Through its compatibility with a variety of infeeds like the Infeed Station ZF 72, it is able to palletize almost any product. Due to its mechanical design, the Layer Palletizer PA 15 is especially suited for handling high volumes and diverse packaging formats.

Langhammer Robot Palletizer (Linear Robot)

The Langhammer Robot Palletizer LR 03 impresses with its solid construction, use of high-quality components and maintenance friendly design ensuring easy operation. With a load capacity of up to 150 kg and a possible palletizing height of up to 2800 mm it is the perfect fit in situations with low ceilings and limited space.

Langhammer Robot Palletizer (Articulated Arm Robot)

The Langhammer Robot Palletizer AR500 is combinable with a variety of different grippers, especially the Langhammer Layer Wave.

Langhammer Gantry Robot

The Langhammer Gantry Robots PRO03 and PRO04 can be used for palletizing almost all products such as bundles, boxes, bags, standard cases, bakery baskets and packs. Equipped with a maintenance-free axis system, fixed lifting axis or telescopic lifting axis they are predestined for heavy-duty usage in the palletizing field. What characterizes our gantry robots is their high flexibility, wide operating range and precision in handling.

Langhammer Layer Wave

The Langhammer Layer Wave can be used in all sectors of the consumer industry branch and for almost all products. Its compact design makes it possible - in contrast to the usual systems using fork or clamp grippers - to save enormously on floor space. It is a unique combination of a conveyor element with a layer gripper. It positions the layer gently and without pressure. Format parts are not required, handling of unlimited layer configuration is possible (Gaps, full or half pallets).

Additional Palletizing Equipment

Gripper Systems

Exceptional products need special solutions. All types of products can be handled with our Gripper Systems to realize best palletizing results. Safe and secure gripping without any damage is given top priority. Find out more about our gripper systems.

Interleaf inserter and line diverter

The process chains involved in the production logistic also need supplemental palletizing equipment to improve the performance of our customers. The new generation of line diverters, upstream of the infeed, ensures a continuous distribution up to three lines of the infeed for a broad range of different products. After palletizing a layer of products the interleaf inserter facilitates to handle interleaves of paper or cardboard according to the process.

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