Langhammer Gripper Systems

Langhammer Gripper Systems are usually used for palletizing with robots. Almost all possible products like cartons, boxes, baskets, trays, bags, foil packs, buckets or bottles can be handled. The right choice of the matching gripper is crucial for the palletizing result.

Bag Gripper GR 07

The Bag Gripper GR 07 gently grasps bags from the sides and below directly on the roller conveyor. The gripper fingers are adapted to the bags in such a way that no bag deformations result through the gripping action.

Box Gripper GR 16

With the suction gripper for boxes, boxes can be grasped and placed. Due to the multiple suction zones which can be controlled separately the gripper is able to lift boxes with varying formats alternatively.

Clamp Gripper GR 24

Springy carbon fingers clamp the product gently on its sides. The high quality servo drive technology allows for high speeds during the gripping and placing movements of the gripper. In this way high palletizing performance as well as palletizing exactness is possible.

Layer Gripper GR 171

The layer gripper can grasp complete product layers consisting of 4 bakery baskets, meat market cases/E2 containers, box trays with insertion plates and base cut-outs or simple boxes of 4 to 8 pieces per layer and place these by centering the previous layer exactly on or in each other.

Fork Gripper GR 25

With the universally usable fork gripper GR 25 a variety of products such as closed boxes, open box trays, bags, foil wrapped bundles, and containers can be palletized. With additional units on the gripper it is also possible to handle interleaves or empty pallets.

Bucket Gripper GR 26

With exchangeable hooks that are adapted to the to be palletized product the GR 26 can palletize buckets or bucket stacks of various shapes and sizes. The gripper can also handle empty pallets and paper or cardboard interleaves to form double pallets.

Layer Gripper GR 27

Complete layers of a wide variety of products can be handled with the universal layer gripper. Palletizing as well as depalletizing tasks can be carried out.

Clamp Gripper GR 40

Cartons and boxes in different formats can be palletized with the clamping gripper. Interleaves can be handled as well.

Gripper Systems (GR) for palletizing applications can be generally classified in the following functional groups:

  • Clamping grippers
  • Fork grippers
  • Suction grippers
  • Magnetic grippers
  • Large assortment of gripper types for a variety of usages/applications
  • Clean pallet configuration through use of appropriate gripper
  • Format changeovers possible without changes on the gripper for the majority of grippers
  • Most grippers also handle interleaves and pallets thus reducing the number of machines required
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